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A gamer who like to take his time, enjoying the lore of the game and growing slowly while discovering everything ! 

I played Dofus when I was a teenager for couple of months until level 100, and now I started again in July 2020 on Echo, I am french but love to be in an international community with a lot of different people ! I love questing, my goal is to do all the achievements ! I like playing with people around my level, I am pretty good at making money and managing guild, I am in the Firefoux Café guild as a breeder, a really friendly community !  biggrin
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[français en dessous]Hello Twelvians, I had an idea of event : A tournament in Krosmaga, the card game of ANKAMA, I am sure a lot of adventurers love to play cards against others, I can picture the room full of Ecaflips betting kamas for winning the big price !

My idea was that people could sign up for the tournament with a bit of kamas, and the first, second and third winners will receive a purcentage :
 - 1st : 55% of all the kamas
 - 2nd : 30% of all the kamas
 - 3th : 15% of all the kamas

By SlyOsmoz - 2021-01-22 11:51:06 in Echo
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I am a new player here and I really want to buy a house, Because it's my first house I want something really cheap in a calm area ! one or two rooms with one or two chests, I don't need a lot, It's just for having a lovely nest for me and my girlfriend

I would like a house in Amakna, my budget is around 6 000 000 kamas
I would like to visit it or see screens of the interior ! 

If you have a house like that send here the coordinate, your name and we can negociate together and organise...
By SlyOsmoz - 2021-01-02 12:21:27 in Echo
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I was wondering how to create a RP community on Echo for creating events and social gathering (without social distancing yay) ? 

Does is already exists here ? How to start it ?