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Gimme Enutrof Lvl 96 Nox
Xor Xelor Lvl 57 Nox
Wyvern Ignition Sacrier Lvl 11 Remington
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By Sljm - 2013-02-26 16:11:09 in Enutrof
4 1360
Apparently the point of this Earth Enutrof revamp was to make them worse than Fire Enutrofs.

Congratulations, Ankama!

Some notes:
10 base damage and 2 AoE reduction in Shovel Shaker
Shady Shovel no longer steals MP in drhellzerker
-2 range on all spells in Drhellzerker, making all but Nightspade cc (it's got 2 range. whooppee).
Shorter range on Nightspade generally, damage is lower than Killer Spade in human form.
No hp restoration from transforming
Damage boost from walking greatly reduced, only...