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I have years of experience and i recommend these:
-'Monster Duchess and Contract Princess' (Manga)
-Wakfu and RWBY (Cartoons)
-All of 'Stargate', but not Stargate Universe.
-Veloren (Game in the Making)

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WHOA! I just encountered Ferngard or what his name is, the RANK THREE PLAYER!  He’s the greatest noob! I can still not believe that’s our top players! And I’m not talking about ‚Power of Cards’ when i say Noob: He does not understand the concept of this game, he’s rude, arrogant and just overall laughable!  Holy cow, i was so surprised by this! I’ve seen stupid players and those who pay real money to win before, but this genuinly surprised me. Genuinly.  Ok, ok, harsh words, i know....
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A non-repliant creator team, a badly programmed game full of Bugs and trolls and broken Cards and much, much more… well, what does all that tell us?
Not to Mention i just today met the THIRD Highest Ranked Player - he's a total loser that should stay offline.
By rairyuunohunter - 2020-07-04 18:13:55 in General Discussion
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It shouldnt be their responsiblity though?!