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By Skittle5 - 2021-07-03 03:43:29 in Osamodas's Whip
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Can someone please tell me how many summons I can have on the field at one time. I currently have a total of 5 but that is gear limit. If I could add more + summon gear would I be able to get more summons?
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Out of all the classes that we have there's no one specific class that primarily addresses agility as a main source of attack. I think, if Dofus were to add a new character that character should be more based on agility as a primary source for characteristic build. All the classes that we have have the ability to add agility but none of them use agility as a primary attack. We have a SRAM who's more strength, we have a feca who is more intelligence trauma we have an Enu that is more chance. But none...
By Skittle5 - 2018-12-16 18:35:13 in Osamodas's Whip
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I'm making a summon osa. So far it is going good but I want to know is how useful it'll be in later lvls? Any advice will be great thank you. I'm am currently lol 60 vit/summon and I'm using 2 summoner rings with the way wabbit set and subbing the gob set for right now to fill in the peices.