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Eniripsa Lvl 110 Dodge
Sacrier Lvl 90 Dodge
Sram Lvl 81 Dodge
Iop Lvl 75 Dodge
Osamodas Lvl 75 Dodge

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Out of all the classes that we have there's no one specific class that primarily addresses agility as a main source of attack. I think, if Dofus were to add a new character that character should be more based on agility as a primary source for characteristic build. All the classes that we have have the ability to add agility but none of them use agility as a primary attack. We have a SRAM who's more strength, we have a feca who is more intelligence trauma we have an Enu that is more chance. But none...
By Skittle5 - 2018-12-16 18:35:13 in Osamodas's Whip
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I'm making a summon osa. So far it is going good but I want to know is how useful it'll be in later lvls? Any advice will be great thank you. I'm am currently lol 60 vit/summon and I'm using 2 summoner rings with the way wabbit set and subbing the gob set for right now to fill in the peices.
By Skittle5 - 2018-04-22 17:54:20 in Need help?
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Are you looking for a character that has medium to long or short range capability but that has a good survivability. It doesn't matter what elements are used I will work with anything just trying to find one that would be good at beginning and endgame. The character has to be able to be soloed for as long as possible. Any advice or tips would help.