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Todays almanax reads "all varieties of ebony dragoturkey will give birth to one extra baby"

The last time it had a similar almanax effect, my seemyools gave birth to an extra baby. This time I got a bunch ready(10 pregnant ebony) but they are not having an extra baby like last time. I made sure to give both full energy and they are all having 2 babies instead of 3 like last time.

I don't expect any compensation I am just hoping this can be fixed for the next time, or clarified if it is not supposed...
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EDIT: I am getting this error after every battle now, and have to exit the game each time.

I got this error after killing a prism solo with my enu(game froze music playing)

TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
at com.ankamagames.berilia::Berilia/resetUiSavedUserModification()[/var/hudson/jobs/workspace/client-beta-berilia/berilia/src/com/ankamagames/berilia/]
at com.ankamagames.berilia::Berilia/set uiSavedModificationPresetName()[/var/hudson/jobs/workspace/client-beta-berilia/berilia/src/com/ankamagames/berilia/]
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The arrow to move right > through the class selection does not work for me, the left one does however.