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I had purchased a bunch of costume items like a year ago and they are items with no stats that replace your real gear.

I was with a friend and he was using the captains set but I believe it was an insignia, because why would a level 105 fight in a costume with no stats?

So I am asking if all the current costumes in the shop are an insignia, and is it possible to turn my costume set boxes into insignias so they are not just role play costumes?

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This would probably require a pretty big overhaul but it was done perfectly in dofus, The resource market had a tab for every type of item- Bone,egg,hair,leg,fish etc etc.

I think it can be really tough to find resources you want unless you type in the exact name of the resource which can be tedious, for instance selling fish it would be nice if people could just search "fish" and get all types of fish or type "cereal" and get all the types of that.
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Thank you devs for getting the wakfu crystal(and probably stasis) crystal to actually give you the buff when you touch the crystal!

But I find that with the buff only lasting 15 minutes I waste more than half of it running to where I want to be, I suggest that the buff last until you log out(or a few hours) because it has a cool effect and it only give you a 10% planting or harvesting buff.

This could be one way to reward having high wakfu/stasis which I think there needs to be more point to because...