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By Skedge-Freak - 2018-06-17 00:12:55 in Amakna
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My character's turns are being skipped for some reason? Like I'd be playing and when it comes to my turn it focuses on me for like .1 seconds and moves on to the next person/animal or who ever I'm against or with. It's both annoying and has cost me some major fights. Is it some kind of rule I don't know about? Or is it a bug? I've read in an older thread/blog that it's because the minute time of the servers and computer have to be the same, but it is already like that for me so is it anything else?...
By Skedge-Freak - 2018-05-22 04:09:18 in Amakna
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I am very new to this game and I like it so far, but this game, pizz'larva, is making it impossible for me to progress through it. I've been on it for over a week and still can't get through it. I was convinced it was a bug or a malfunction so I talked to Ankama Support about. But in the end they said that there was no bug and that I'm most likely playing it wrong. Although I still can't figure what I'm doing wrong. I've watched other people play it and succeed, but I for some reason can't....