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Duma Masqueraider Lvl 116 Elbor
Uthepi Eniripsa Lvl 98 Elbor
Sacrail Sacrier Lvl 95 Elbor
Kihe Cra Lvl 85 Elbor
Devet Sram Lvl 66 Elbor

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Hi, I'm having a resolution problem on a mac, when I launch the game, I can only see a quarter of a zoomed screen and can't access to settings.
This is what I see.
By Skayts - 2020-03-19 05:41:12 in Suggestions
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I don't know if this is the correct section, but it would be nice to have the emotes by account rather than by characters, some emotes are paid and if you changed pj and you are no longer using it or want to delete it is a pity, not to talk about the ones that are no longer available.
It would also be awesome if we could get some events back like the musical emotes.
By Skayts - 2019-11-11 21:25:51 in Sram
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Greetings! I'm getting back from a long time without playing, and I'm kind of lost with my Sram.
What is the most viable Sram for PvE and if its possible any guides that could help me with stats?