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So, I am a long time player. I've played since 2005. I have had issues subscribing off and on for years with Paypal, credit card, etc. because they get removed/deactivated for whatever reason. I live in the US. The last time I attempted to subscribe to Dofus with my credit card, I was good for a week and then the charge dropped off my account and my p2p was removed. I sent tickets and nothing was done, so I shrugged my shoulders and quit trying to subscribe/quit playing. I got a charge a month...
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So I'm checking newborn mounts for naming purposes - what their family trees are like, what specialties they have, etc. and every time I click on family tree, it comes up BEHIND the paddock interface. What this means is that in order to see what the family tree is, I have to close the paddock, look at the tree, open up the paddock again, name the mount, and start over. It used to pop up on top of the paddock interface and you could close it when you were done. I don't see any way to change this...
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I've been able to log on and use all of my other characters on the same account (I only use one account) and I can't log on to my main character. I've tried multiple times and it just hangs at 100% and doesn't ever load. There's no point playing without being able to use that character. I've invested too much time and kamas into that character. Is anyone else having similar issues?