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Old player, pvp fanatic, i doodle some silly stuff.
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By SirPercedal - 2019-11-18 03:10:43 in Guilds
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My name is Percy and i am pleased to announce that recruitment for the guild Tiny Bandits is open!
We used to be a hardcore pvp guild with the biggest baddies around. These days though the atmosphere calmed down and we are an endgame oriented, chilled guild, focused on a friendly atmosphere in our ranks.
We still have pvp players inside if you are interested in some pvp discussions. In our guild there are players interested in Adjusted Level System (ALS) runs, scoring the top ladders every month,...
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Hello, Im Percy and today would like to say what I think about the information that appear on our luncher feed info

So I have terrible expiriance with New Ankama Luncher. Every time new patch is deployed on live version it weight 2gb+ even if it's small patch that have one or two fixes and everybody just update it withing a second.
But this is not the worst part, the worst part is that every time for major or minor update download of patch crash luncher and force me to download again. My record...
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Hello everyone!
Today I would like to suggest a change to current combat mode ping system.

Curently in game all pings from all players are white arrows that u can use by pressing R key.
What I would love to see in game is:
-1- color variants of the arrow pings
-2- color and shape variants of markers that could be placed on mobs
-3- color and shape variants of glyph markers that could be placed on the ground

1. Color variants of ping arrows would let players in group use them to use color per player...