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Member since 2013-12-03


Welp Im long time player, iop lover, pvp freak, head of Brawlmington team. The right hand of Reg that provide him pvp content form Rem server to promote Wakfu in internet and show that ang community metter and pvp is still a thing :V
Im mostly chilled af, but as all older players I show some salt from time to time.
I also doodle a lot both on paper and digital, get into pixelart lately.
Im also a moderator on Remington Discord Server don't hasitate to pm me for invite.
I hope all of you will have amazing time in Wakfu!
Status: Subscribed
Last login: 2019-08-19


Lady Percylia Iop Lvl 200 Remington
Stonebot Foggernaut Lvl 200 Remington
Healuj Tomeq Eniripsa Lvl 200 Remington
Glyphylis Feca Lvl 183 Remington
Taxmaster Enutrof Lvl 176 Remington
Happy Little Accident Ecaflip Lvl 170 Remington
Inkeeper Sacrier Lvl 25 Nox
Dawea Masqueraider Lvl 25 Nox
Melborne Osamodas Lvl 25 Nox
Autumnboi Sadida Lvl 8 Phaeris
Too Heavy To Carry Pandawa Lvl 8 Phaeris
Aegis The Immortal Xelor Lvl 7 Phaeris
Cramah Cra Lvl 7 Phaeris
Povvder Rogue Lvl 6 Nox
Hat Hat Gal Eliotrope Lvl 6 Nox

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 Hello everyone!
Today I wanted to talk about the pouches from Mineral Tower and Occuluge dungeons, before 1.64 they had sense since they provided different goods. Now they are pointless bc well u "roll" to get one item that is in display xD
What I would like to see is some more variation in value of shards at least to make it logical at some point. Lets face it I get more shards from piwi dun run then from Occulage pouch, and acctually 50 shards form mineral is rather low too.
Thanks for your time!

7 416
Well I would like to talk about the newest addition to Boss Smasher Reward Machine.
Everyone let me introduce you "Legendary Bilbi Costume"

At the beggining I want to say this is not a bad costume, it surely would have some usage. This could be nice achivment/quest/even shop costume in some costume lootbox. But this is awfull Boss Smasher Costume. Why u ask? Well first of all it's mashup or 2 old bilbi set with some spaced covered in the place where character outfit would be visable that's pretty...
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Hello lads!

Date? 12.05.2019
Start Time? Start probably around 9pm server time
End Time? Need to wake up early on 13th of May morning so I'll leave around 0-1am. But if u're willing to stay and fight some more then go for it
Where? Punchy Arena in Astrub (pic below) if there will be any bigger group fights we can move to ecaflipus pvp maps.[left]The main idea is the same, promote Wakfu and pvp in internet and community, having great fun with cool squad of ppl. We target in group and solo pvp...