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I've been trying to log on to Ganymede, having just re-subscribed yesterday. However, it is listed as 'unknown status' and refuses my attempts to connect ('Your connection to the server has been refused'). I can access all other servers no problem. Ganymede is also listed as 'online' on their server status page.

So my question is: is this a server-side issue or can I somehow fix this?

Thanks in advance!
By SirLorre - 2013-11-15 22:13:34 in Zatoïshwan
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Hey everyone,

I'm quite new to the server and I might be missing things, but the lack of (low-mid level) players has been bugging me. Also the general lack of (affordable) items for sale on the markets makes me frown everytime I'm looking for stuff.
When I used to play Dofus (pre-2.0), I saw a regular influx of lower levels. As I see it, Astrub is as good as dead right now.
Is the popularity of Dofus declining or is it just a problem on our server? I heard something about server merging, or would...