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Hi. A month after Ilyzaelle start I ended my jurney on my 196lv eliotrope. I get rid of every part of my equipment because I thought i'll never get back into dofus again but here I'm. My buttchick is naked, my jobs are not higher than 6lv, how I can earn some kamas to re-build my character? I don't want to create new characted because this elio has 100 chance scrolled and other 25.
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I just moved from mono account to echo and I wanna make pro one character just for perc and kolossium, can't decide... Who do you think is most priceless, strongest and mobile character out of 16? My types are: Fogg agi/pushback or chance/int, feca str/int or agi/int, rogue agi, ougi str/cha, eni chance/agi ^^

I don't like or I played already:
Cra - Meeh, just meh.
Panda - I hate his animations especialy drunk state, look like retard for me.
Elio - had played much, tried every build and got bored...
By SirJosh - 2018-01-31 18:10:38 in Foggernaut
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This is kinda oldschool class rn. He have bad mechanics, bad animations and bad spells. I wanted to play him many times but everytime I try I get confuse and drop it in early stages because when I was looking at spells I am like "Ok, here is ranged spell but why diagonal" or "ok... good damage but no modificable range". His turrects affect enemys... Why lifesafer has to heal enemy? What is the reason to hit me or my allies by my own harpooner. I see only agi variants are good and kinda strong in...