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Member since 2012-03-13


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Deroidz Feca Lvl 113 Nox
Sea Hawk Enutrof Lvl 90 Nox

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By SirHypno - 2012-05-31 08:30:48 in Feca
9 2478
My feca is 103. I had played feca for a long time and mastered all its skill plus a wide understand of the class. As long as your have is around 2000 hp ( with 50 % or under earth resist) or 1700 ( for enis) i can 1 turn u.

Feel free to ask question regarding builds and how skill works
14 1595
F.U.N ( For a United Nation)
As Bonta population dropped significantly. Many good players have left. Guilds became inactive. It now so hard to find a party. Every time you log in and see you r the only one online in your guild. How does it feel ? Discouraging isn't it ?

Author first words:I am Deroid, Leader of Affirmation. It a medium sized guild which mainly bonta based. Affirm had struggled to stay alive like many other guilds. Few of our great players left and people became less and less active....