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Is it possible Krosmaga will ever show up in the Mac App Store?
Or perhaps you guys can look into it?

Apple is going to merge iOS App Store and Mac App Store in the future, this means developers can create one app for both platforms.

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Looking at the gods in the selection menu... something didn't fit.
Feca's new illustration.

1. All of the background illustrations of the gods are the same as the clickable icon they have, except the feca.

2. The artist who drew the new feca has this kind of style of using a lot of thick lightning and shadows. The colors and lines are less smooth than the other gods illustration. Making her face bit more plastic like.

Not saying this is wrong, but it doesn't fit the rest of the illustrations

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I wish the Krosmaga website would have a special section for posting decks. I don't mean on the forum but in the menu.

Finding one is hard when everything is in French.

I think it would also help new players stay.