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By Sinesy - 2021-06-20 16:12:58 in General Discussion
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So, I just got back after being off for a few months. I had seen the upcoming nerfs to Xelor, and I was not thrilled with the changes, especially since I had just sunk a massive amount of Kamas into a new set for Intelligence. But still, back then it was just a loss of range and damage, which I could mostly handle. But now, I return, and according to the patch notes, Hand's telefrag damage only occurs when you Hand some other target? But I log into the game, and it doesn't mention that at all, the...
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So, back in the game after about 3 years, and after going through the dopple run, I found I got zero Doploons. Despite the Doploon Merchant still being there offering to sell me scrolls, and despite the dopple trainer even offering to exchange my older class-specific doploons for the generic ones. Now, I did get a hell of a lot of XP from doing this (Perhaps Dopples XP reward went up when their doploons went away?), but is the Doploon merchant purely legacy support?

According to the wiki, which...
By Sinesy - 2017-04-20 15:09:15 in Sadida
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So, I like the utility of the various fire spells, but it's darn clear that you can't actually go mono-fire unless you're a dedicated support build. Just not enough damage output. So I had to go duo with something else, either Strength or Chance.

At first I sided with Strength. But then I realized that Manifold Bramble isn't as awesome as I thought it was, since it hits allies (including your numerous trees and dolls) in addition to enemies, and must be cast at near maximum range just to not catch...