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By SilverAmphithere - 2015-09-02 07:35:56 in Professions
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This stuff used to be everywhere, but now I can only find one cluster of it in Canem Cave and its plagued by high-level miner bots. There's still 100 nodes scattered around - has anyone found any particularly juicy ones, or am I doomed to battle level 20 Sacrier bots for dominance for the rest of my days?
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No urgency to this suggestion, it would just be a little easier to manage turkeys if it was easier to view the mount tab by double clicking on the mount certificate instead of having to right click, move mouse, left click. Dragoturkey breeding isn't very widespread (from what I can tell) but those of us who do usually do it en mass with hundreds of - if not over a thousand - dragoturkeys, so that extra half-second adds up if you're looking through them all.
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So, it's pretty obvious that characters (particularly NPCs) in the Wo12 can marry/sexually procreate/etc, as is usually referenced in dialogue with Dofus NPCs, Wakfu NPCs, and very definitely shown in the Wakfu anime. However, we also have evidence that characters are "incarnated"/created seemingly from nothing, as shown in the pre-Incarnam cutscene. My question is: what's the difference? Do teens in the Wo12 reach a certain age and get teleported to Incarnam to start their journey (this is contradicted...