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Hey everyone

With the Retro mono server on the horizon, we've started gathering up the English community on Discord.

Feel free to come and join us!

Edit - seems like the old server got closed down. I'll take over the new one, so if you were kicked please come join us again!

By SilentRevenge - 2016-07-21 13:36:38 in Rushu
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Hey everyone

So sadly Zato's emptiness got to me and I've moved back to my home server Rushu.

Pretty much everyone on my friends list either quit or...well, quit, so looking for new friends. Hit me up ingame on Dedlaw
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I've finally got some free time again so I'm back in Dofus

Zato seems super empty but at least some people are still hanging in there!
Now I just need to figure out F3. And the new dimensions. and the new dungeons. And the class changes. And the revamped professions. And all the other minor details...but at least I'll be too busy to be bored for a while!

Brb, got some required reading to do....