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Adhara Nomah Sram Lvl 202 Remington
Aludraa Osamodas Lvl 202 Remington
Adhawa Cra Lvl 201 Remington
Rhou Aias Feca Lvl 182 Remington
Adhatar Huppermage Lvl 162 Remington
Rubmycrit Eniripsa Lvl 152 Remington

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By SilBlaze - 2018-05-09 19:21:29 in General Discussions
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I was wondering what you guys think of the state of mining right now...

I mean, there's plenty of people always fighting for spots that it becomes unpleasant and we surely can't just make the ores to be individual or there would be a HUGE inflation in the market, however, what worries me is the thought of having this "server merge"...  I mean it's already a hardship having to deal with 3 people over in the same mining spot so I can't imagine what it will be to have to deal with 10 of them or even...
By SilBlaze - 2017-08-01 19:14:05 in General Discussions
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So, I came back into wakfu not so long ago and immidiately starrted working through dofus pets when I first saw it being advertised, I went through the whole 20 days, getting my pet to stage 4 and paid £1 for 100 gems so that I could transfer my pet onto Wakfu, when I performed the transfer and I logged into wakfu I had realized that My pet was not on wakfu, leading me to go back to dofus pets and check.

Turns out I had transfered the pet into Dofus accidentally, this made me ask support if it...
0 560
So... I was reddening up for when a 2x weekend exp hit I'd have enough matts to craft myself up in all professions to 100, however it seems to have changed.

My lists were the following.

Click here

Click here

Click here

Click here

However ALL professions changed from 0 - 35, from 0 - 15 with the old method at hand I'd take around 960 Ash Wood + 960 Hazel wood, this is the total for the 3 weapon professions, long, AoE and Close. From 15 - 30 with the old method at hand too it seems it would take...