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Mister Deschain Iop Lvl 84 Remington
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By IsabellePluie - 2014-09-24 21:58:55 in Technical Issues
7 1644
I have same problem.
Tried to log in with standalone client and that worked.
So it's to do with Steam connecting to Wakfu servers.
By Zactrax - 2011-05-29 21:06:22 in Other Features
205 77964
I don't believe that it's bugged. I saw today someone with the reward gemlin.
By Zactrax - 2011-05-29 21:06:22 in Other Features
205 77964
Oamoka|2011-06-26 06:04:07You've listed the Old Lair and the Forgotten Cave at the same coordinates, and I can't find either. Besides which, only one of them can be in that location, seeing as they are on different bridges. Same problem, can't find the Old Lair. Forgotten Cave is on the Pancake Bridge at those coordinates but Old Lair doesn't have the coordinates to match the Arms Way ones.
Does anyone know the right coordinates?
Maybe a screenshot?