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Description of the card says that the card is supposed to be "put on its owner's deck", which means that the card is put on the top of the deck, not shuffled in, which means that it's not a bug. At least that's how I understand it.
By Shabukahn - 2017-01-02 16:22:53 in General Discussion
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I have already posted the link to the statistics some posts below, but I'll put it here once again:

Actually Cra has some fundamental disadvantages. The basic one is that her minions are very squishy in relation to their cost. Actually their attack is usually low too. When we add this to the fact that cra minions the only advantage is their range it comes out that there is high probability that they can be overcame with the help of charges, silences, polimorphs,...
By Shabukahn - 2017-01-02 16:22:53 in General Discussion
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Even though I agree that in lots of the games the way the game aspects are balanced is controversial I can still see quite a lot of inconsistency in the way you think.

First of all you try to create yourself as person who doesn't take any side in this discussion, while you obviously do.

I agree that Cra will be eventually touched even if it will be done just to refresh the game. However when her time comes she can be either nerfed or buffed and I really don't understand why are you so sure that...