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We, the Aureates, are a group of veteran players who want to recapture the magic of creating a community of helpful, nice and active people who want to be part of a family more than just a hardcore playgroup.

We have no level requirements for this reason, since that is never an indicator of one's personality.

What we expect:
- You are open minded and friendly to the people in the guild.
- You don't spread unnecessary negativity - Everyone can have a bad day, and it's great to talk about it, but...
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I'm not in a guild or have any friends who are still playing the game, so I'm looking for nice relaxed people who want to have some fun reaching max level. 
I never reached 200, since real life came in the way of me playing.

I'm not looking for a guild, where all that happens is everyone hanging in guild chat all day and not really doing anything. I'm also not necessarily looking for a guild, just a couple people to team up with, interested in having a good time and leveling.
By SiegeRaven - 2017-02-24 21:15:38 in Cra
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Hey. I've never played a cra before, and I'd like to ask you whether or not Strength is viable.
Of course I could pair it with something, but strength would just be a lot easier to go, since I already have some decent strength gear from one of my other chars.
Int would also be really easy, due to my Osa being pure int, which is on the same account my Cra is.
I'm open for suggestions, just bear in mind I'd like to avoid chance, since my other acc uses chance and using two of the same element doesn't...