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Yourmistress Osamodas Lvl 105 Remington
Lilyshy Sadida Lvl 65 Remington
Maihot Rogue Lvl 25 Remington
Maikitty Ecaflip Lvl 24 Remington

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I decided to make myself a cosplay of Apprentice Hood  as it should be fairly easy to make and store (as fabric can be folded and even squished is some degree).

The only problem seems to be getting a reference, right now best I have are screen shots from the game and post announcing path 1.9 (2012-12-18 08:45). Any idea where I can get a high-resolution image of it?

Also pointiness of the hat maybe be problematic. I seem people stuff other pointy hats, using card/paper or wire to hold it up. Fist...
By ShyAnimeGirl - 2017-08-25 00:11:21 in Off Topic
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I was thinking of bringing my favorite klass over to DnD 3.5 for anyone familiar with wakfu I'm talking about Sadida. My idea was to make them similar to druid (possibly having less hight tier spells per day but more low level ones) when it comes to magick, but difftrent in all other asspects. Lv1 perks would incloude:

1)making dools: Sadida can amke a 5 kg doll out of materail commonly found in the forest. Dolls made this way can easy fit in backpack with other item. Using twice the time and mteraial...