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Member since 2011-02-17


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Cra Lvl Omega 11 Echo
Sadida Lvl 187 Ilyzaelle

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The leeching started BEFORE idols, leeching was a giant problem and even when Ankama talked about idols they were supposed to be a possible solution to the leeching problem.

Wisdom is the major key in why the system is broken, at a low level you have two choices, buy a set that gives 0 Wisdom and kill more difficult content that doesn't reward with as good experience as if you buy a 150-200 wisdom set and kill easier content. You are not incentivized to do content appropriate to your level.

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I think people especially at the lower levels need to be more fairly compensated for the dungeons that they do. When a level 50 does gobball dungeon and gets nothing for experience I think it is distressing. My fondest memories of dofus were from running these dungeons for the experience, and now they are all absolutely useless for that reason. I'm not saying make the experience so good that level 150's are there leveling, but that groups of level 30-50's have a reason to do these dungeons.

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Welcome to the team indeed! I hope everything goes smoothly for you. We appreciate your future service :p