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Zessen Iop Lvl 144 Nox
Perfidious Boomerang Feca Lvl 138 Nox
Zess Masqueraider Lvl 126 Nox
Die Hard Sacrier Lvl 120 Nox
Spookydookie Sram Lvl 7 Nox
Dumyla Sacrier Lvl 1 Remington
Snisse Pandawa Lvl 1 Remington

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Hey all! I've been playing on and off since launch and decided to come back for a bit now that Wakfu is free to play. I really need help understanding the current power level of classes and builds. When I had last left (End of Frigost/ Start of Wabbit) Fire/any rogues were very powerful and many were running 2-3 in a group. Pandas and Srams were all but phased out (except for certain things).

How are things now? I had before I left level 110-120 Eni/water, sac/tank, Osa/air, panda/firetank, Cra/fire....
By ShoKaiBai - 2014-01-17 20:02:10 in Combat Strategy
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I will be soon beginning my first foray into Wabbit island and looking for tips on combating the little buggers!

I will mainly be fighting black wabbits, Lenalds, and guards(?). Any tips you can give me would be great as I know next to nothing about fighting wabbits.

By ShoKaiBai - 2013-12-11 02:01:39 in General Discussions
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Now that we have these new fragments how do we get relics? Is there a new NPC that we turn 100 relic shards into, or is it a craft?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help out.