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Today in a ranked match right at the beginning when selecting for your starting hand my opponent sent me a friend invite and so does another player - at the same time.
I foolishly accepted to realize a moment later, the second account that added me was viewing the fight and thus my hand.
I am sure both accounts belonged to the same player...he denied it of course but judge for yourselves.
So be weary of this tactic of confusing another player to get an unfair advantage. Or change your settings to...
By ShivJ - 2018-07-30 01:04:37 in Bugs and troubles on computer
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Today while playing a Draft mode match I encountered a bug with Anathar.
My opponent played Anathar and I started feeding him low hp mobs that would peck at his armor.
The same turn that Anathar died he also kills my lvl1 Indie infinite, even though they both died instantly, my opponent somehow was awarded my Indie's death effect. So my opponent looted the last infinite card that went to MY discard pile not even his own.
I believe there is at least one issue with the way this played out.
Please test...
By ShivJ - 2018-06-18 16:24:41 in General Discussion
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Why not let us play in Draft mode whenever we want?
I usually miss out on the weekends because of other activities but would love to be able to play weekday evenings for example.
If the possible rewards are a concern maybe they could be nerfed during the weekdays? I would still play, I think it's the most fun game mode.