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By Shinzy - 2019-11-09 13:16:42 in General Discussion
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The Almanax quests (go to the temple, make a different type of offering each day) used to net me around 400,000ish exp per day. However, lately it only seems to be giving 200,000ish. Is this because my membership ran out? I didn't think membership effected quest exp, but I can't see another reason for the drastic drop.
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Currently a level 38 Cra after playing for 2 days. Leveling feels much quicker than Dofus... So I was wondering if it's worth buying a Prespic set for the Wisdom, or if it's just better to get a damage set and kill stronger/higher level stuff for XP?
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Hey there. My in-game name is Shinzy.

Used to play Dofus actively a few years ago. Decided to come back after spotting Dofus Touch is a thing. Just started yesterday so I'm only level 25. Hoping to find a guild with other active players to have fun and do dungeons with.

Drop me a message here on in-game if you're recruiting!