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So yeah, I am still recruiting for my guild.
I thought I did a good job on the last post... but oh well, lol
My guild is dying out, and I am thinking of selling it, 10 members of a max of 49 isnt kool...... so I am selling it, if anyone wants to buy it.
My p2p ran out yesterday, so I cannot recruit in the channels, if you wanna join and recruit for me, that will be awesome.
I should be a p2p character again by the end of next week (pay day )

Any help would be awesome
If you want to buy the guild,...
By Shinigami-Lord - 2008-08-21 18:07:03 in Guilds
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Hello folks!
Im ShinigamiLord and I am recruiting for my guild Soul Stalkers
We are a level 9 guild, and are in dire need of members!
We have a few active members, I try not to keep anyone that doesnt log in for 10 days.
My guild is for level 20 and up characters
There are exceptions, like if you are lvl 15-19 and can lvl to 20 in that day, Ill add you.
The ranking system gos by either level OR xp given to the guild.
You start out as an apprentice and go up from there.
You gain abilities as you rank,...