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Hi, my friend saw this guy a couple of week ago, but after searching through the forums, and wiki's, I have decided to post this screenshot. The reason for this is, that I just saw this guy on the frontpage called "Dark tormentor", who looked a bit like him.

My question now is, is this a new character, or an existing one with loads of fun equipment? guess not, unless there exist a new spell called cloud shot I haven't heard about.

also, the title is a joke. I've been playing this for more than...
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okay, i've had this account, Darkredeemer, for like 1.5 years, and about 3 months ago i stopped playing tempoary. the person who showed me this game, have had an account for a lot longer, and she stopped at the same time as I. But just today, we decided to play it again, but when i logged in, MY characters were gone, but hers wasn't. That was an easy solved problem, since we decided to make new characters anyway, but the items my previous ones had, were items i would have prefered to keep.