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Since I wasn't allowed to talk about this on any of the Discord Beta's, it's time to bring it up here:

Remove Downvoting from the Forums - It was a terrible idea, and it remains to be a terrible idea.

If you (read: Ankama) keep wondering why people are so excited to go entirely off-topic on the Beta Discord, often derailing entire topics, it's simply because Discord is a much healthier and way more positive enviroment to talk about personal opinions of any kind. 
One of the main issues that entirely...
25 2013
Hello there,

Our party went from having a pretty good time in the lvl 141 dungeon, to being entirely wrecked in 'all' of the lvl 156 dungeons upon trying them, this at the 'trying-them-out' Stasis 1 tier.

All the boss fights seem to have a rediculous amount of (often badly explained/visualized) mechanics, not to mention multiple rulesets that change over the course of the battle.
I can only assume this is the level tier where things suddenly turn so-called serious/hardcore, and where we are supposed...
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They imbedded the new 'roles' there too with explanation, as well as a 3 star difficulty rating..

In all seriousness though, this: