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It should be impossible to randomly queue onto a team with two or more of the same class. It lowers the synergy within your team, and with the new trend of GCDs (especially with the new Feca rework, this is always been an issue but it's bad enough now that I'm posting this), it creates a huge disadvantage for the team. If you want to queue with your friends of the same class that's fine, this is just a suggestion for being assigned a random team.
By Sheenweasel - 2013-11-10 00:54:13 in Suggestion Box
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I cannot speak for other servers, but on Solar the Team Search feature is never used to find a group. The days of spamming /r chat to find a group for a random dungeon are over. An update to this dead feature would allow for easier dungeon running.

Please leave your own suggestions and feelings on the current state of the feature, and post improvements to mine in the replies.

Misc. suggestions:

1. Inter-server Team Search
With the developers currently working on inter-server Kolo, this could...
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"Forums dedicated to the classes of DOFUS. Share advice for equipment, and offer ideas for builds or spells."
Pretty sure this belongs here and not suggestions, if I'm interpreting this incorrectly, move it to suggestions.

As everyone knows, Fecas are still in need of improvements. Most of the DOFUS population regards Fecas as useless and weak. If you look at the some of the top guilds for servers, you'll see that Fecas make up a very small portion of the members. In light of this, I have a few...