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Member since 2018-09-05


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Status : Former subscriber
Last login: 2019-04-26


Shizune Ko Ecaflip Lvl 112 Nox
Asin Yoki Eniripsa Lvl 43 Nox
Jun Arson Iop Lvl 36 Nox
Joy Asuni Osamodas Lvl 28 Nox

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I can understand that the Hero system is a major draw for the booster packs, but I don't think it's really in the spirit of the season to shaft the poor little sidekicks who suffer all the meat shield duties throughout the year. They should get to help save Kwismas too. And even if you want to restrict it to people who paid cash, at least let the ones that are permanently linked to the account be used. The Sidekicks are really not worth the cash since they can't be used for any of the gimmick fights.