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What are you even doing here. Oh, you want to know more about me... Well, I enjoy watching Ankama games develop from a game dev's standpoint, spiraling into vicious cycles of both depression and eating ice cream after meditating on the banality of existence, and auctioning off people's kidneys on black markets in some hidden corner of the world. The last two were jokes that were supposed to be funny. Now go play videogames or something. Uh duh doi.

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By Shatae - 2019-11-19 01:40:41 in General Discussion
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guys? hey where'd everybody go
By Shatae - 2018-04-01 15:49:11 in General Discussion
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Forget bugfixes and class tweaks.
This game is now actually unplayable. How on earth don't we have at least painted dofus with bunny ears that explode into little paper party favors and chocolates today? It's beyond me. Forget this. I'm out.