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Only go for PvE.


Kagari-Chan Sacrier Lvl 175 Remington
Hikao Osamodas Lvl 168 Remington
Nekogami Ecaflip Lvl 156 Remington
Mochizuki Rin Cra Lvl 125 Remington
Konami-Chan Ouginak Lvl 112 Phaeris
Shana Flamehaze Iop Lvl 86 Remington
Nyaruko-Chan Ecaflip Lvl 40 Phaeris
Arisa-Chan Sram Lvl 40 Phaeris
Meiro Masqueraider Lvl 6 Phaeris
Hikao-Chan Osamodas Lvl 4 Phaeris

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Hello everyone , this may be sudden but i want to be the next mandate governor of sufokia since the current one was not so active and there are many positions of the goverments empty.  I would like to fill this and have an active goverments. I am very unstatisfy with the current one. I wish everyone can support me to be the new governor. Even if im not been chosen i wish that don't take too light about Our Sufokia Nation. Since i really love Sufokia a lot. We need some serious Goverment, everyone...
By ShanaAisaka - 2014-03-02 15:26:17 in Politics
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nothing to see now 
By ShanaAisaka - 2013-07-19 10:28:42 in Community Events
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Hello everyone! I am the governor at sufokia! I will now present you a mini event at sufokia ! xD
Now i will put protect on trees. I will un-protect it when the event has started! Everyone can join!

Here some simple rules/details:-
You need to collect lots of hazel wood You may also replant the hazel trees The one that got lots of hazel wood will be the winner! You may not use your alt to get more hazel wood okay?After the event finish all the hazel wood are needed. Please give it to me!