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Returning from a big pause player here.
Is it ok to play Echo server if you dont plan to play on lots of accounts? Or Ilyzaelle will be better for not a hardcore player?
Is Osa viable for PvM atm?
When i was last time playing Dofus Osas weren't welcome because of summons taking time to move.
Are there classes that can be solo leveled into the pure wis stats? Except Osa.
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I'm pretty new to Dofus but already understood that without kamas my life will be very sad.
I'm very bad in understanding what materials and items are needed to crafters.
I'm level 60 atm and may be you can give me advice where i can grind some high cost materials to make some kama at my level?
Sorry i'f my question looks silly, i'm not lazy i just don't know where to get such information.