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Coal Miner Enutrof Lvl 153 Rubilax
Temps Perdu Xelor Lvl 147 Rubilax
Pandaham Pandawa Lvl 135 Rubilax
Loxsley Cra Lvl 115 Rubilax
Shaleigh Sadida Lvl 22 Rubilax

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12 1994
So, when one character loses internet connection the entire group gets zilch? Really? Not even a token?

Who on earth was on crack in your development team there Ankama? Nobody can seriously sit in his office and think "Uh yeh well...when they lose a member I am just going to go ahead and punish the entire party, that sounds like a good plan, hihihi. Why? What do I know why..."

There is not even so much as a single decent reason that would explain it, it is just pure spite of some pissed off employee...
22 4117
So, I see the new mod team has started their censorship work full force. Nice guys

Can't even write "that is f***** up" anymore without having one of the guard dogs jump in.

Next up any form of criticism against Ankama. Can't let the glorious leaders be shown in a bad light, amirite?