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By ShadowOfDeath - 2019-10-06 11:49:36 in General Discussion
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i wish to know how we can get it? is it connected with 15anniversary?
By ShadowOfDeath - 2019-07-10 16:48:58 in Sacrier
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i dont remember well how hight base dmg it had but for sure it was 85% sustain, then we get nerf to 90% and now we get 3th nerf with base dmg.. why? now we got 90% sustain  and only 22-26(26-31) dmg 15% crit where ougis watchogs got 85% sustain with 31-34(37-41) 25%crit... this is not fair lol, this is so weak dmg now.. i know that its life steal but ougi got prey so efect is same..(if not better for ougi overall..)  where is sens here? and befor u sey "cos of suffering" dont forget about ougis...