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Uriel Septim Vii Osamodas Lvl 197 Remington
The Shopkeeper Enutrof Lvl 90 Remington
Dragnosis Rogue Lvl 50 Remington
Scarlet Creampuff Masqueraider Lvl 50 Remington
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For those that don't know:
You have to have an active booster account to access the new zinit content added in this patch [reference link].


Personal Thoughts:
I've never been a fan of "gated" content.
*Content that's locked behind a paywall.

What I find really crappy, is that in this latest patch (being added today) is that "normal" players are losing access to a bunch of dungeons (content). Because those dungeons are getting reskined and added to the zinit questline.

IE: Normal content...
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TotalBiscuit: WTF is.. Faeria?  
Link ~  
Official Site:

Steam and iPad Download links:  
Refer-a-Friend info on perks/rewards:  
*For anyone wanting to get the free packs and tier rewards for using the friend referral system:  
It seems people under lv5 or those creating new accounts can just put in another players name to get the perks from...
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To anyone that's played Krosmaga, it's easy to come to the conclusion that the game assets were directly taken
from Wakfu. *Mobs, Characters, Spell Animations, ect.

So looking at these new Dungeon Assets on the beta server, it makes me wonder if we'll be seeing a new dungeon in the
coming weeks/months (perhaps even released as a "surprise" for the 5 year anniversary at the end of the month).

Sidenote: These creatures are called "Nimbos" ;3


That being said.. it would be kinda cool...