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Krosmaga has 3 different types of "packs" that players can currently purchase.
*Most other online card games only have 1 type of pack for each expansion.

Does this mean, when new expansions come out that either:
1. There will still only remain 3 types of packs, because cards from the new expansion are simply added to the pool.


2. There will be 3 new packs added for each new expansion.


3. There will only be 1 new pack added for each new expansion, while allowing players to still purchase...
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Got this when trying to log into the beta server.
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Honestly, I'm not sure if it's bugged or if simply don't understand the context of the quest.

*When farming the first room of Rushu's dungeon, I constantly cleared it without losing a single Dofus, which means I should have already completed this quest or at least have some/most points needed.. but it says "0/10".


Is the quest bugged or am I reading it wrong? o.O