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Hello all,

I'm a Dofus YouTube content creator for English speakers as we know there is not that many of us - I'd appreciate any support - even a like or comment can help with the YouTube algorithm. Today, I made a video describing why I do the moves that I do when playing 1v1 Kolo with my Xelor. Hopefully explaining my logic as I go over the kolo videos can help some Xelor fans out there.

Here is the link to my build on DofusLab:
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Hello everyone, I made a fire Xelor PvP video. I think Fire is a really strong build right now, great range and lots of damage stacking with Hand + telefrag. Which build should I try next? Thanks for checking out the video

Here is the link:
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Hello everyone, I'm excited to release my guide on how to play Xelor. I have been playing this class ever since I started the game back when it came out and wanted to help clear up some confusion about this pretty complex class - In this guide I discuss the roles of the Xelor class, main mechanics (Telefrag state), all spells explained in depth, a brief build discussion (Air, Fire, Earth, Chance, Omni), and tricks/combos!

Hope you guys enjoy the video and learn something from it! This is mainly...