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Morganna Ecaflip Lvl 175 Nox
Shirona Nacht Sram Lvl 151 Nox
Alvienas Stille Endlos Eliotrope Lvl 151 Nox
Lucia Kainus Rogue Lvl 101 Nox
Iriscrystfang Ouginak Lvl 45 Nox

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Taking the time to add another one of my helpful guides i made a while back to help anyone on any of the more annoying quest'tidbits for the Nation quest chapter 3 and Huppermage quest school. This will be a copy'paste from the one i made in the beta:Feedback, with some changes, such as including a helpful french'person including a direct map. In addition to a actual guide i made before that for those that have trouble understanding it a bit or rather try to do it without a fancy cheat link like...
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I'm updating this little guide of mine which i did back on the beta server and putting it in the general discussion to help anyone having trouble with the untranslated quiz). Though all of them are listed in the library its a extreme pain to memorize them all, especially when the library books were translated but the questions of the quizzes plus answers were not.

Below is the list of my attempts, please note that not every answer is provided since some questions i did not reach the final answer,...