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Unimplementable Idea #3: Summon Alt

Part of this would be easy to program, part of it difficult, but it's simply too exploitable to be implemented:

How it works

At level 200, instead of getting the spell Summon Dopple, you get the spell Summon Alt. Summon Alt allows you to summon one of your alternate characters into the battle, who is summoned with all of their stats, gear and spells.

Spell usage/order

Whenever you play a character it keeps a running tab of the number of times you cast each...
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Welcome to Unimplementable Idea #2: Everyone takes their turn at the same time.

This is a pretty simple one in concept. Enjoy!

How it Works

1) Increase the turn time up to 10 seconds per player on the board.

2) At the beginning of the player round, all players take their turns at the same time, sharing the same 10-80 second time period

3) In order to prevent movement and spell conflicts, all actions go into queue, and the queue fires off once a second - if the following actions were taken...
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I've been seeing a lot of 'remember the good old days' threads recently, so I wanted to toss out this idea.

Bizzaro Astrub

Bizzaro Astrub would be reached by clicking on the Astrub Zaap and choosing 'Use > Bizarro Astrub', maybe unlocked after doing a short quest. Bizzaro Astrub is an exact copy of the real Astrub, except for the following:

1) It's exactly horizontally backward - west is east, east is west, and all the buildings are flipped around

2) All of the monsters are exactly the same,...