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Most Dog Ouginak Lvl 6 Rubilax
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By Senru - 2014-07-07 11:03:33 in General Discussions
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Hi everyone, My name is Senru and i'm a level 150 Sacrier on Dathura.

One of my many goals in Wakfu is to someday (Hahaha) complete all the achievement in-game. So I'm starting this thread to see how far along others are on their respective quest for achievement, possible sharing/receiving help with getting achievements, and lastly document broken/impossible achievement so they can be fixed or removed.

Click Here

As you can see from the above picture i'm current 215/443

Achievement I need help...
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Cage of Blood is the second accessible spells in the Fire Sacrier Branch. True to all fire Sacrier attack, cage of blood deals damage and inflicts damage to the caster with the addition effect of activating a state which transports the sacrier to the enemy at the end of the enemy turn by removing the sacrier ability to lock and finally this spell has the condition of uncast-able until another fire spell is casted.

Couple with a rather low 76 base damage(level 200) compared to other fire spells...
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Season greeting everyone!

My name is Senru and i'm staging a return to Wakfu for 2014. Few may remember me, but, I was once a pivotal member of the Wakfu community.

I was chosen by Kaoly to be a Beta reporter way back in 2008 and played until the the first open beta. Almost 6 years later and I'm back to give Wakfu another chance.

Looking forward to getting to know the new faces and reconnecting with old friends.

- Senru