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After completing the step to make the offering in order for the fertile spirit to appear, I've searched all of Plantala several times within the hour allowed and have not come across it anywhere. I went back through my logs to double check the time, and even clicked on the bowl again to see if I missed something else, but still nothing. Anyone else having this issue? Is there something else I'm missing?

[20:00] (Info) You give the spirits of Plantala the fertile water. The calming effects will wear...
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Unable to use the sort or tooltips options in inventory of Bank on "All" and "Equipment," although they both work in the other tabs. Works fine on personal inventory.

I did have a lot of pet ghosts prior to the update, and this glitch seems limited to the only two tabs that the new revived pets are connected with.
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Harvesting wheat and barley, came across 3 Scarecro protectors. Won all three fights, got the xp and kamas, but not a single one dropped a sack of either resource. Is this new, or a bug?

Grabbed a screen shot of another one.