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Nezaris Osamodas Lvl 90 Nox
Nezarin Pandawa Lvl 77 Remington
Nezhul Osamodas Lvl 60 Remington
Nezarith Rogue Lvl 57 Nox
Nezak Iop Lvl 56 Nox
Nezika Enutrof Lvl 55 Nox
Neziku Rogue Lvl 52 Remington
Nezar Sacrier Lvl 44 Remington
Nezarin Feca Lvl 37 Nox
Nezika Masqueraider Lvl 25 Remington

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Title is pretty much the jist of it, looking for a guild that cares about pvp and gvg, doesn't have to be there number one goal. Just that they support it and work at it....
By Sekket - 2013-05-11 23:11:05 in Combat Strategy
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Fairly straightforward question, if you had 3 people 3 manning dungeons, what is the best class makeup?

3 osa's? iop,eni,enu? any ideas and reasons why are greatly valued......