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Alright, so here goes: I want one of my alts to wear the Adal costume, but I also want him to wear the factory worker goggles once I obtain them. If I transfer the goggles' appearance to the costume, will it display them INSTEAD of the costume or together with it? If I symbic the appearance into a normal equipped helmet, does that display the goggles or will the costume still hide them? Is there some way I can achieve this combined look?
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First of all, I know this thread might be misplaced. I was totally unable to find any other section where it could fit. To the moderators, feel free to move it somewhere more adequate if needed.

Now for the actual issue... I want to buy a Iop God pack, but it's apparently impossible to buy it if I'm Portuguese? What is this madness? I don't see any reason why I shouldn't be able to purchase the same items as other players from the shop, especially when my currency is the SAME France uses.

I already...