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After I log in with my Sacrier, it logs in normally, and few secs later [from 1~30 seconds] it freezes and then logs off and a message appears [Connection to the server has been lost].
This does not happen always, it happens often though.
I can log other accounts with no problem.
I can log other characters in same account with no problem.
The same problem occurs if I log a Sacrier even on another account.
Clearing the cache [partially or completely] does not really fix this.

I hope this is...
By Seifou-Hou - 2011-06-16 14:41:31 in Suggestion Box
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In the last update some keys recipes have been simplified to make it easier for the Handymans to exclusively craft them , well it seems you forgot Minotot Room Key and Labyrinth of The Minotoror Key D: because the recipe takes long time to gather , and since no one fight those monsters , the resources are too expensive to buy , I think you should consider simplifying the these keys' recipes along with other dungeon keys that may be hard to make.

Hope you'll take it in consideration.

Thanks in...