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Ahobaka Iop Lvl 191 Rubilax
Sencha Feca Lvl 188 Rubilax
Banban Pandawa Lvl 175 Rubilax
Hibiki Ten Cra Lvl 154 Rubilax
Crémeux Pandawa Lvl 134 Rubilax
Coldrex Eniripsa Lvl 128 Rubilax
Free Character Slot Iop Lvl 37 Rubilax
Trash Can Not Foggernaut Lvl 35 Rubilax
Shut Up And Die Rogue Lvl 21 Pandora
Ta Nuki Pandawa Lvl 11 Pandora
Neon Disaster Iop Lvl 6 Rubilax
Dusty Pebble Enutrof Lvl 6 Rubilax

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Everyone's aware of WoW classic's success, whether you like it, or not, or don't care. Wanting the old Wakfu back makes me return to the forums and make this kinda post once again.

A vanilla server, or even better, standalone launcher as it used to be. 2012 or 2013 state. Level cap 105, maybe 120 with Frigost and Shudoku being the endgame areas. With Vampyro and UB still feeling fear-inducingly epic. With the horrible monthly sub that I'll gladly pay.

Gimme back the cra and ecaflip that had crazy...
By Seguchi-sama - 2016-10-26 11:48:18 in Suggestions
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Dofus releases the older, "frozen in time" game version for the veterans to enjoy and scratch their nostalgic itch.

I doubt that there IS such a thing as backed up old version of Wakfu, but if there is some, preferably 2012-2013 one, it would be, to say at least, amazing. There already was a similar discussion before, which shows the community interest in such a gift. Yeah, imo, it'd be a pure gift and it'd make me so happy.