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By Seghed - 2013-06-10 14:21:41 in Beta Test Server
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I understand (and agree) with the potion use delay. I can't count how many times I evade a aggression thanks to a potion (back on times with target pvp system). With the new alliance system a quick retreat can be very flaw (you run for an agression and soon after you go back).

But, on the other hand this will penalize those who doesn't play pvp at all. Ok, you can say "the time is short enough". But, myself, I'm a kind of potion addicted and use it a lot in all accounts (well, I can imagine that...
By Seghed - 2012-06-25 20:22:44 in Suggestion Box
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I don’t remember when they started to spam, but for me, they are always on the servers taking precious mobs

But the real problem begun when Ankama released the Ogrine subscription. This service is important and give to (real) players the possibility to play for free, while Ankama still get their profit. So, change this system is completely off the table.

As the time passed, we saw a lot of game modifications about drop system trying to make the bot’s life harder. The last was the drop exchange...