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Grandapan Server
Name = Underworld-Yaiwa
Crafting Profession - Jeweler
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Sram Lvl 196 Grandapan
Eniripsa Lvl 74 Grandapan

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Aloha, Ankama and Dofus Community.

I have a suggestion concerning homes in the Dofus world and getting straight to the point, I would love to see more homes centered around professions. Having a home is great and all for chests and a nice environmental setting, guild spot and stuff but...come on...there's not really much to having a home. Those millions of kamas spent to have a home would be much more satisfying if there were promised workbenches included.

I realize there are homes with workbenches...
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I have a simple suggestion which I think would be very convenient and greatly appreciated by the Dofus Touch community. I would like to suggest having an achievement notification for dungeons. Just like there are Challenge notifications letting you know if you've failed a challenge, it would be highly helpful if there were also a notification for failing a dungeon achievement. Simple, but very much appreciated.

This would help out many players who are in a boss fight in a dungeon. While fighting,...